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Your Source for Any Type of Door or Loading Dock System in All Types of Buildings

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It’s no secret how we became the best commercial door company near you in Greensboro—it’s our people.

Since 1972, we have been trusted by people in Greensboro to help them with their doors. We’re skilled in installing, maintaining and servicing commercial doors and loading dock equipment. Our team is happy to provide the same expertise we provide residential customers to our commercial customers.

The Team

Our team of experts are highly skilled in all types of commercial doors and loading dock equipment products and applications. You can expect outstanding customer service to get you the right product or service for the application. Learn how our teams come together to create a well-organized, highly capable and innovative door company near you.

Our Greensboro Office

Our wonderful, local Greensboro team answers your phone calls 24/7.

This enables us to have a real, trusted advisor available to you any time—without forcing you to talk to robots or an automated answering system.

OHD Office

Our Installation Technicians

There are over 20 commercial service and installation vehicles on the road every day, piloted by highly skilled and trained technicians.

In addition to their technical expertise, our technicians are trained with an eye for safety so you can feel good about inviting them to your facility. Plus, we’re ready to serve you 24/7 with emergency service always available.

Sales Representatives

Our sales representatives are passionate about solving problems.

Starting with a free commercial estimate, our sales representatives work to understand your project’s requirements so they can offer the right recommendations.

Commercial Service

Our commercial customers are in especially good hands at Overhead Door Company of Greensboro™.

Our parent company, DH Pace, has a national footprint of over 50 locations, serving a variety of commercial applications. From healthcare and education to manufacturing, retail, and even government applications, our experts are passionate problem-solvers with a knack for providing excellent ongoing customer service.